1 1/2 hours......$80.00

Glycolic Acid Peel

Natural sugar cane extract is used to exfoliate the dead skin layers while removing dullness-stimulating new skin growth, and to diminish the appearance of fine lines and control acne.

  50 min....$50.00

Package(6 Treatments)$270.00

Scalp Treatment

This treatment helps calm the body and calm the mind. The scalp and temples are massaged with warm botanicals and then wrapped in a hot towel to simulate the scalp and provide nourishment to the hair and scalp.

      1/2 hour....$30.00

European Facial

 If you never had a facial, I recommend starting with a complete 60 minute facial to restore the health of your skin. The European Facial includes cleansing, skin analysis, steam, massage, exfoliation, extraction, treatment mask, and moisturizing & protection.

    1 1/4 hours....$50.00

Free Consultation

 Allow 20 minutes to discuss your questions and concerns in relation to any  skin disorder, sun damage, and corrective skin therapy.


Body Waxing Services

Full Legs....$40.00






Full Arms....$35.00

Under Arms....$25.00


Back & Shoulder Treatment

A through cleansing from shoulder to waist with exfoliation, extraction of black and whiteheads, steaming and treatment mask

          1 hour.....$60.00   



Microdermabrasion offers many benefits for all skin types. Gentle abrasive crystals are combined with an air stream which gently removes dead skin cells and brings it to the surface layer.

Paraffin Mask

After your European Facial, warm wax is painted over a cotton gauze for super hydration, and moisturizing - giving you a glowing complexion. This  popular facial brings your skin back to life, producing soft, supple skin for those special occasions.

Great for dry skin in Winter months.

    1 1/2 hours.....$70.00

Microdermabrasion Facial

Highly recommended with Microdermabrasion

(European Facial & Microdermabrasion)

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